Isella reflects on a newfound point of maturity, both as a human and a musician in the form of The Art of the Possible. The popular phrase carries dense meaning, according to the virtuosic Argentinian. The Art of the Possible argues that “perfect is the enemy of good,” a peaceful reminder that we sometimes hold ourselves to unrealistic standards that can block our production capabilities of truly inspired imperfections.
Songs for The Art of the Possible came about from weekly improvisational sessions with prolific sound artist Ulises Conti in Buenos Aires. Fueled by musicality from the likes of Chilly Gonzalez and Sakamoto, as well as the fine luxuries of domestic Argentinian Malbec and the timeless American snack, Lay’s Potato Chips, Fer was able to open up to a matured and personal perspective through the help of Conti’s piano. Being the only instrument in the recording allows every nuance of technique to shine through.
The Art of the Possible opens up by easing the listener into gentle “Conversation” before changing gears into “Simple”, a sonically poetic reflection on the simple aspects of life. The great, and sometimes deceptive, motivator “Desire” takes the listener through each phase up to fulfillment. The songs “Dan,” “Sof,” and “Cin” are odes to Isella’s family, son, daughter, and wife respectively. “Pendulum” offers a more chaotic nature, held in balance through the masterful hands of Isella. “Story” slows the pace before the final “Farewell” puts the finishing touches on the album.
The Art of the Possible, due out September 21st, 2017 on Limbo Music is an album made for solemn enjoyment, providing a whirlwind of from-the-heart emotion through no more than a piano and the ambience of a room.

Piano: Fer Isella
Sound and Mix Engineer: Diego Lezcano
Mastering: Facundo Rodriguez
Art: Mercedes D’Angelo
Photos: La Cantera by Ulises Conti

All tracks composed by Fer Isella
Produced by Ulises Conti