Gusanito, mucho gusto, of Francisco Garamona is the alteration of a secret disc recorded in Buenos Aires in 1968. That album titles El gusanito en persona, and certainly, it was completely ignored in its time, going unnoticed, though now it is a key work to understand its epoch and the underground and psychodelic movement that was developing in the Argentina at that time. His author was Jorge de la Vega, pioneering artist of the Latin-American forefront of that scene, since it is documented in numerous exhibitions and rescues of that movement that are celebrated year by year in the most prestigious museums of the world. Garamona, one of the key artists of the Argentine current scene, comes to rescue an old heritage and a new sound.

Produced by: Juan Ravioli

Musicians: Juan Ravioli, Fernando Pereyra, David Fernández, Mariano Malamud, Javier Barilaro, Ulises Conti, Liza Casullo, Ezequiel Cutaia, Pilar Fogwill, Daniel Melingo, Andres Ravioli, Vivi Tellas, Alan Courtis and Francisco Garamona.

Art: Mondongo

Recorded in Ion and La cocina de Beti by Mauro Taranto
Mix by El Cuzco por Mauro Taranto and Juan Ravioli
Mastering by Diego Guerrero in Puro Mastering

Published by Metam├║sica 2017