Dos personas is the first solo album of the young visual artist and poet Dani Zelko Produced by Ulises Conti and instrumented simply by a piano, a viola and a trombone, the album goes across everyday situations of a love relationship between two people, creating an intimacy that invites the listener to become part of the scene, as if he were watching a movie, or reading a book in an armchair, in a silent night, with the table lamp on. ¿Is intimacy a state? ¿Is it a place? ¿Is it a feeling?
In "Dos personas", songs take the form of love and become gestures that go in search of an other, acts that are materialized between two bodies and live between them. Bodies are channels that create bonds. Bridges. These songs work that way too. Sung words, poems that sound, moving images that are transfromed into air and sound using the least amount of resources possible.
Sometimes one hears or sees works of artists who work in different disciplines and is able to feel the courage of those who immerse themselves in new worlds without too many preconceptions. This is one of those works. And it brings certain liberties and freshness that makes us grateful.
With lyrics that display multiple channels of meaning, with an instrumentation that prints the songs with a palette of very diverse nuances, these new album introduces itself as a company, an album that is close, an album that is a friend.

All songs by Dani Zelko, except “En la Cocina” by Dani Zelko and Francisco Garamona.
Produced by Ulises Conti.
Recorded in La Orquesta de Cristal and El Globo Rojo by Julio Sleiman.
Mixed in Estudio El Mar by Nicolás Btesh.
Masterized in Estudio El Árbol by Nicolás Btesh.
Dani Zelko: Piano and voice
Ulises Conti: Mandolin, Glockenspiel y choirs
Mariano Malamud: Viola
David Fernandez: Trombone and Trumpet
Paula Trama: Choirs
Nicolas Btesh: Choirs
Art: Malena Pizani
Published by Metamúsica
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018