Ulises Conti was born in Buenos Aires, 1975. He is a musician, composer and sound artist and producer. His music doesn’t lie upon any kind of genre. He has an extensive list of collaborations with other artists from different disciplines. He presented different projects in America, Asia and Europe in theatres, museums, galleries and festivals.
In 2014 he signed with the Japanese record label Flau and published Los griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres and in 2013 Atlas 2003 – 2013, an anthology of his work as a musician. He presented himself in Japan giving lectures, conferences and concerts.
In 2011 Mansalva published his first book En Auckland ya es mañana and La cinta transportadora in 2015. His been directing the record label Metamusica for more than ten years, where apart form publishing his own material, he also produced and published other artists.


Francisco Garamona was born in San Nicolás, 1976. Apart from being a book publisher, he is a writer and a musician. He published more than twenty five books in Argentina and other countries. He leads the music proyect Super Siempre created along with Sergio Bizzio, Alfredo Prior and Fernanda Laguna. As a solo artist he published six records. He is the founder of Mansalva, one of the most prestigious latin american book publishing companies. In 2014, Metamusica published his album Los Sentimientos.
Ezequiel Cutaia was born in Buenos Aires, 1975. He is a singer, composer and a bassist. At the age of 20 he became part of Teatro Colon’s juvenile orchestra and travelled around Argentina giving a series concerts. Later on he formed a jazz trio “Bretón Trio” along with the German saxophone player Siegfried Hiltman. He joined his father Carlos Cutaia in different musical proyects. He published 4 records with “Open 24”, a band created with his brother Lucas. He also worked in collaboration with other musicians such as Daniel Melero, Ulises Conti and Axel Krygier among many others. As a solo artist he recorded Solitaria Felicidad published by Metamusica in 2010.
Nicolas Moguilevsky was born in Buenos Aires, 1984. He is a poet, editor and plastic artist. He is the general coordinator for Mansalva publishing company and founder of un Faulduo, a collective multi-disciplinary proyect. Along with Fernanda Laguna he organizes La Academia’s reading events. He published Avistaje (Belleza y Felicidad 2014) Todos tienen su lucha (La internacional Argentina, 2013), Deliriums da Marge: parted del todo (Zinemateca, 2011) Orejas (Eva Ediciones, 2007) and 23 cuadritos – donde hablar no es ver- (Eloísa Cartonera, 2005) among others. Los peligros que nos rodean is his first record published by Metamusica in 2015.
Lola Arias was born in Buenos Aires, 1976. She is a writer, theater director and performer. She works in collaboration with different artist from a variety of disciplines in thater, music and cinema. Her proyects walk the line between fiction and reality. In theater she worked with policmen, beggars, dancers, prostitues, musicians, kids and animals. With Ulises Conti she recorded El amor es un francotirador (2008) and Los que no duermen (2011). She published essays, poetry and theater plays. Her texts were translated into more than seven differnt languages and were part of different festivals around the world.
Gustavo Toba was born in the year 1973 in Buenos Aires. He has a licentiate in literature from the university of Buenos Aires.
He is also a composer. "Despedida", published by Metamusica in 2015 is his first solo artist record.
Galel Maidana was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, while his Argentine parents were in exile there. With the return of democracy in Argentina in 1983, he returned with his family to Buenos Aires.
An audiovisual artist and musician, Galel made the feature films La asamblea (‘The Assembly’, 2009), La parte ausente (‘The Absent Part’, 2015) and the television series Atentados (‘Attacks’, 2012), as well as several shorts and video clips.
His work has participated in and won awards at different international festivals.
Galel is currently working on the feature films Los encantamientos (‘The Enchantments’) and El sol (‘The Sun’).
Honduras (Metamusica 2016), produced by Ulises Conti, is his first album.
Fer Isella: Composer, piano player, musician and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Creative producer for Sony Music and UniversalMusic during his youth (more than 2 million records sold and 15 platinum albums and Latin Grammy nominations as a producer.) Cultural entrepreneur of the year according to the British Council and Fulbright scholarship for Berklee College of Music.


Dani Zelko, 1990. Visual art and poet
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
As a visual artist he made solo exhibitions in Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada, Cuba, Paraguay. He received scolarships and awards from diverse institutions of Argentina and other countries.
He published "Reunión 2", "Reunión", "Reunión: English Version" "Las Preguntas Completas", "El presente está confuso", (Gato Negro Ediciones, Mexico); "Post Natural" y "Selección sudamericana por la muerte", (Juan Malasuerte, Mexico).
Dos personas is his first album.


Oblas is a duo of electronic music integrated by the Argentine producer Félix Cristiani and the Chilean artist Olavia Paz Campos. Together they published two albums: Marguerite (2015) and Oblas (2018).
It all started at 2015 when they found the master of an unfinished album called Marguerite composed by Felix between 2002 and 2003. After listening the material they remixed three of its tracks, giving as result an experimental electronic, noise and ambient EP. Even though that work has a stormy nature, it also reminds the orchestral sound. The album was published by the end of 2015 by the Tucumano label YoConVoz Discos.
Between 2016 and 2018 Oblas composes the second homonymous album. Although it keeps some sounds from Marguerite, it also add some distinctives features as the use of the the ambient sound and spoken word. All this ends up in an album that develops itself as an story.